introducing: Offline Singles! a while back I recorded special solo versions of each song that's on the new album. HOWEVER, those recordings will never be uploaded to the internet or duplicated in any other way. instead, each one is on a separate physical cassette, and could be yours today.

You can enter a drawing to win one for free below (giving away 5 of them), or you can head over to Bandcamp and pre-order a ‘Deluxe Version’ to guarantee you get one of the other 6.  those are a bit more expensive ($45), but they include the standard cassette, and the extra money will help me whip up some other cool things I’m working on.  if you are from outside the U.S. and you win the free drawing, I may just ask for a little shipping $ if it looks like it's going to cost a lot to send it to you.

this will close on Friday night Sept 8, so get your entries / orders in before then!

Drawing closed. check back the next time around!

as an example of what a ‘solo version’ of the songs might sound like, check out this video I made for “I Need My Space” (this isn’t the version that will be on that tape).

i made a quick copy of each tape for myself, but I promise I’ll never upload this recording to the internet or share it publicly any other way. so it’s all yours. trying to find a quieter, more special space for these songs to live. no guarantee on getting a specific song, i’ll send these randomly.  

if you want to get the Deluxe version but already pre-ordered the standard, either let me know (contact) or just order the Deluxe and I’ll refund the original order right away.