new album 'Waves' OUT NOW

WAVES_ART_master with text small jpg.jpg

Hi everyone,

it's the dead of summer here in Minnesota, but cooler weather is approaching soon. feels like a good time to put out something new.

i have a new album called Waves, and it's out now.

i worked on this from the fall of last year until just recently. i did a lot of it with my friend Zach Hanson over at April Base in Wisconsin again, and this time i had more people play/collaborate on the record than i have with my previous stuff - Matt Vannelli, Cooper Doten, Mike Gunvalson and Kevin Scott from my live band are all on the record, as are my friends Ben Lester, D.J. House and Aly Spaltro (Lady Lamb). My good friend Brenda Bingham shot the photograph that's on the cover, and ol' pal Jonah Lorsung shot the one that's on the inside of the CD.

i just got the masters back a few weeks ago, and figured rather than waiting too long to set up something more official, i would just put it out and let you guys have it.  hope you dig. 

i've got cassettes and CDs all ready to go for you oldies out there, and Spotify/etc. for you youngies.  You can get physical and digital copies at my Bandcamp.

we are doing a big release show here in Minnesota on Aug 29, and I have a string of Midwestern dates at the end of September that i'll be announcing soon.  some of these are more intimate house / living room shows - if you are interested in hosting something like that, please get in touch! you can reply to this i think, otherwise it's  

anyways, there's a lot of shit going on out there lately, and I'm especially aware these days that my voice in particular is not one that necessarily needs to be amplified or heard, and I'm trying to figure out my place in everything and how best to support others from my place of privilege. but in the meantime i'm always going to be making this stuff and telling my own story so I figured I'd still send it out to anyone that's interested. there's still a lot of beauty out there, and i hope to contribute in some way to helping people find a place, internally if nothing else, that has a bit more calm and peace.



Alex Schaaf