new single / upcoming LP / live shows

friends - big news today. after a period of big change and new growth, I'm happy and relieved to finally be sharing new music, and a new band. I've been working on a new album for quite a while now, and it's nearing completion at last. the first song I'm releasing from it is out today - "I Need My Space". you can stream or download it on the Music page.  this new batch of songs is the most personal and honest stuff I think I've ever done, and i'm really excited to get it out there.  the album will be finished very soon, and released sometime later in the year.

the other big news is that I have put together a pretty killer live band for this, and we have our first show next month here in the Twin Cities - Apr 20th at Turf Club - get your tickets here.

anyways, there will be much more to come, but i just wanted to share this first track, and i hope you dig it. talk soon.




Alex Schaaf